Boys’ Medal Tally (High School)
Swami Vivekananda College129324
Marist Brothers’ High School99624
Suva Grammar School2103
Natabua High School1179
Yat Sen Secondary School1135
Jai Narayan College1012
International School Suva0224
International School Nadi0112
Fij Agape Mission School0101
Lelean Memorial School0011
Girls’ Medal Tally (High School)
St. Joseph’s Secondary School97824
Swami Vivekananda College712524
Yat Sen Secondary School71614
Tilak High School3003
Suva Grammar School2013
Natabua High School2002
International School Suva0314
Jai Narayan School0101
Rampur College0011
Jasper Williams High School0011
Boys’ Medal Tally (Primary School)
Fiji Agape Mission Pri School84517
International School Suva Mid73212
Nadi Airport School53210
The Learning Centre4329
Marist Brothers Primary34310
Namaka Public School33410
International School Nadi Prim3339
Mt. St. Mary’s Primary School18110
Nadi Christian Community Prim1124
Nawaka District School1113
Yat Sen Primary School1012
Christian Outreach Primary1001
Gospel Primary School0011
International School Suva Prim0011
Girls’ Medal Tally (Primary School)
Nadi Airport School116320
Fiji Agape Mission Pri School103316
International School Nadi Prim4419
Yat Sen Primary School2327
Namaka Public School2248
Mount St Mary’s Primary School2125
St Annes School16613
Jasper Williams Primary School1102
International School Suva Mid1001
Veiuto Primary School0404
The Learning Centre0235
Christian Outreach Primary0123
Dayspring Christian College0112
Nadi Christian Community Sch0112
Nawaka District School0101
Stella Maris Primary School0101
Dayspring Christian Primary0022
Nehru Memorial Primary School0022
St Thomas Primary0011
International School Suva Prim0011