With a pool all to themselves and a gym set up on their floor, in front of their floor elevator, Cheyanne and Taichi wasted no time in trying to get settled in. According to Coach Sharon, they both adjusted to the time difference real quick and got into their training routines.

We are happy where we are. 10mins drive to the pool Hotel very comfortable, foods great , volunteers are great . So happy we have Taichi here too haha he translates and makes things so easy

Coach Sharon Smith

The team had to adjust as well to the various protocols and procedures put in place in order to maintain their bubble and to ensure that they all remained Covid free. Some of these procedures included mask wearing, distanced dinning with barriers and a daily Covid self testing routine.

We have to wear a mask at all times and that makes coaching really hard, especially when you’re trying to yell out the times

Coach Sharon Smith

Moving around and communicating with our attaché is not much of a problem as we have Taichi who does most of the translating for us. He is definitely in his element.


Following their 1 week training, the team then departed and checked into the Olympic Village on Monday and just like when they first arrived into Oita, they hit the ground running. Acquainting themselves with transportation, meals, training times, training venues and competition schedules.

Coach Sharon mentioned that in the days leading up to the competition, both Taichi and Cheyenne will be scheduling their training sessions around 7pm at night as both of them will be competing in their prelims around 7pm on the 27th and 30th respectively.

First swim session was Monday afternoon in the warm up pool and yesterday (Tuesday) comp pool , this after training pool Everyone has turns each day .. countries are in groups So there’s no over crowding and we have time slots

Coach Sharon Smith

Even though the team is in the “Olympics Games Village Bubble” they would still have to maintain and practice the protocols set in place by the Organising Games Committee.

These games is going to be something different alright No socializing, mask all the time , no sightseeing to name a few.

Coach Sharon Smith

Story by: Fiji Swimming, 21/07/2021

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